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3rd edition


Best Indie Short


Director: Sonia Guggisberg

Best Narrative Short


Director: Adam Brix

Best Documentary Short

The Isaiah House Project: Lessons in Dying and Compassion

Director: Laura Scarpati

Best Animation

Fred and Frankie

Director: Kate McNeely

Best Experimental

You and me

Director: delphine Herrmann

Best Music Video

Love Not War

Director: Yantra de Vilder

Best Student Film

Human Nature

Director: JJ Lippman

Best Director


Director: Kanya Iwana

Best Producer

I Am Him

Temeko Richardson

Best Composer


Best Actress

Saba Eskandari

Born Again Virgin

Best Actor

Colter B. Ford

Pirates of Malibu

Best Script

Gone With The Gulf Stream Short

Jack Sherry

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